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Autor:  kuwant [ sob 18. úno 2017 19:06:33 ]
Předmět příspěvku:  kuwant,

hello, my name is joao from portugal, i'm applying to join your guild in endor.
i played on a pol server for 13 years called crystalgate, played many many servers.
and finally i ended up in uo endor, now i'm enjoying the game again and looking for a group of players to have fun and conquer the world of endor.
i also invited a friend to play on endor with me, he is level 15 necromancer and he's enjoying the game and class, i'm playing with a level 21 heretic.

Autor:  Mirqo [ ned 19. úno 2017 7:53:24 ]
Předmět příspěvku:  Re: kuwant,

What is heretic's name?
How old are you?
Why our guild? :)

Autor:  Xan [ ned 19. úno 2017 20:22:44 ]
Předmět příspěvku:  Re: kuwant,

Hi, what's your and your friends main play time? considering you're home time and czech time:)
Edit: How did you come by our guild and forum adress?

Autor:  kuwant [ pon 20. úno 2017 13:56:27 ]
Předmět příspěvku:  Re: kuwant,

hello, my heretic name is kuwant,
my normal playtime is after 23:00 but i will be playing from 19:00 to 23:00 irregulary
because my daughter is 1 years old and at 22:30 i need to get my girlfriend from work.
i heared about this guild trough "had" a player that helped me in game and knew i was looking for a guild :)
in the weekends my gaming time may extend depending on what's planned.

Autor:  Kf4st87 [ úte 21. úno 2017 7:00:08 ]
Předmět příspěvku:  Re: kuwant,

Hi Joao,
that's fine to hear that somebody is coming to the Endor because this server realy need a new fresh bloody warriors. But It's also the main problem of this community. A 95% of the players who are playing here have more than 30lvl characters, the 75% more than 35lvl characters and around 50% at least one character 40lvl. That means that everybody just already playing for fun and everybody want go to the best of Endors dungeons because of better loot (miraculous, large iridiums, more money etc.).

I think that just now (with your 21lvl heretic) we can offered you just some tips (where you can go to take experiences), some help with exping, maybe some equipment or some other things what you willl need, but I am 100% sure that the dungeons what this guild hunting now are for 30lvl+ (sometimes will be chance go to the some dungeons from 25lvl+ character).

Like everywhere else at this kind of game the main characters for dungeons are priest, mage, 3-4warriors, rogue a after than the ranger (if in the dungeon is some rare mustang), heretic (good for priest because can cast the mana whisch the priest need for boost the other characters) and at least necromancer.

My questions are just:

Do you know somebody else from Endor who can help you exping yours character at least to 25lvl?

Are you sure that it will be ok for you that the guys have here so high levels and for you will be complicated go to the dungeon (or will less chance because somebody has a more usefull character)?

Do you play or do you know somebody else from Portugal who will like to play this kind of older game?

If you'll answer to my questions on good way for me so I'll be struggling for you join to our guild.

Autor:  kuwant [ úte 21. úno 2017 14:11:20 ]
Předmět příspěvku:  Re: kuwant,

i can exp myself to level 25 alone, but i'm helping my friend necromacner at level 16 so he can get to my level faster.
i'm ok with other players beeing high level.
all that i would need right now would be runes for new dungeons and tips where to go and if possible some gear eventually.
i'm a very experienced uo player and i'm enjoying the server alot.
i do play with a friend from portugal he's level 16 necromancer. :)
right now my daughter is sick so i'm not leveling as fast as i could, but when i get free time i'll be leveling untill i can be "usefull" in a dungeon with other players for high level, eventually at level 25 i could go as support for para fields and mana for casters

Autor:  Kf4st87 [ úte 21. úno 2017 17:22:45 ]
Předmět příspěvku:  Re: kuwant,

That's fine that you are not alone at this shard: I like the way how you're realy love this old kind of game.

I just need to explain you how It working here because maybe It's a little bit different then somewhere else. This shard is the most PvM shard so the dungeons are build for community. Now is the community average level around 35lvl so thats the main problem. You're character will be ready for dungeon at 30lvl (all skills at higest as possible). Then it is just about the playing skill and of course about equipment.

But don't worry man. I mean that from 25lvl (lowest level which is accepted to the dungeon entrance) will be a chance go to the some middle dungeon because we are not going everytime just high level dungeons (it depends on the party).

Autor:  Xan [ čtv 23. úno 2017 17:48:48 ]
Předmět příspěvku:  Re: kuwant,

How about your necromancer friend? If we should accept you, it doesn't mean your friend would have some advantage at his apply to our guild, if he would made some. Would you be willing to play with us at some point without you're friend?
I am not strictly against party with non guild folk, but such situation may occur.
While making some lower level party for dungeon, it dosn!t really matter, but privacy is the mainly defense, against PK raids as some PKs are still actively playing and no one is willing to hand them our equipment;)

Autor:  kuwant [ sob 25. úno 2017 19:29:02 ]
Předmět příspěvku:  Re: kuwant,

If my friend would like to apply and play with "us" he would have to go trough the same application as i'm doing right now, and if i eventually join i understand that completly

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